This I Believe

Fengming - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

There were just two minutes left; we were still ten points behind Class Four. Seems like hopelessness for our Class to beat them down. After two minutes, which made me feel very long as the time in jail, convinced me the despairing truth that we were failed win the annually basketball match in our senior high school.

Many girls of cheering squad and even several boys in my class cried for the pity that we missed the champion, which was so close to us. The main reason that caused the failure of our team was nothing else but the loss of teamwork.

Turn the clock back to the time that we were playing against Class Four. When I got a very nice chance which was shoot the ball in the basket at the three point line. The ball, however, was not in my hand. I yielded to Xiao Qiang who controlled the ball for most times. The disappointing thing to me was that he didn’t respond me and pass me the ball. Instead of this, He shot in a very dangerous situation that two defenders stopped him by shooting. He missed and worse thing that was the ball stolen by a tall guy and he soon counterattacked. This made me angry and discontented. I made a fatal decision to recapture the points on my own. When the ball went into my hand, it never came out. This made we fall far behind Class Four and eventually failure of our class.

After this match I realized that it wasn’t Xiao Qiang or some one else to cause the failure. That was me. I admitted my fault to Xiao Qiang. And he also felt regret that he didn’t pass the ball to other players. Finally we both understood the important role teamwork played, it’s not only in the basketball match but other important spheres. This believing in teamwork keeps me to do things well, at least to feel no regret to struggle in teamwork.

The impact of teamwork stimulated me enjoying work with others. I usually work with my partners to finish our assignments in college. This teamwork not only saves a lot times for us, but helps us share our different ideas. This is just one benefit for practicing teamwork. There are more areas of life that connect with teamwork. Like employee’s teamwork will make company gain more profit. Governors?teamwork will make the authority made more effective policies.

One change?which initially made me have this believe before I graduate, was the second year basketball match of our school. Me and Xiao Qiang cooperated with other players and avoid the fault we made the first time. We easily fought into the Final and played against the strongest Class in our school. That became an amazing story which was spread throughout my school.

Though the result of Final was not that blazing, we failed to defeat them. In the opposite picture than the first time was totally different that our team was united, we felt stronger as a team, and we gained the admiring of the other students in my school. At that time we were changed.