I believe that I can try.

Anthony - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I can try. I live in a world that has no limits as to what I can become. Whether it is to serving my fellowman or pursuing my own selfish desires of fame, fortune, or adventure, my opportunities are indeed limitless. My question would then be; are my abilities as limitless as those opportunities? I have heard skeptics say that a person has to be inherently able to pursue certain goals and achieving them, and I say that is a reasonable statement. Yet, I believe that it is in trying and striving to achieve that goal is what matters. I cannot say that I have learned if I have not changed, and I would be incorrect to think that I have tried if I myself did not become a better person from it. When in high school, I was offered the chance to compete internationally in Australia as a cross-country runner with other high school aged students. I wondered if a small town boy could really compete against athletes that were obviously possessed more stamina and ability than me and to really make a difference. I competed in the competitions for three years straight and even though I never came close to first, I never came in last. Once I joined the Marine Corps as a reservist, I was deployed to fight the war in Iraq. This motivated me to learn of the countries culture and also the language that they spoke to communicate my desire to serve my country and theirs to the best of my ability. I received no formal education, neither was I able to carry a decent conversation with anyone in Arabic, but I was able to say hi and I appreciated their beliefs that for them, the family was important. After returning home I received a letter from my ecclesiastical leaders requesting that I leave the country for a religious missionary service to a South American country with nearly no ability to communicate the native language. I accepted the call and served the people and even though I may not have converted the country, I myself was converted. To the unseen eye my results may have not amounted to very much, but I look to the fact that I stretched myself and tried. I grew up in a far from perfect family, but it was my family that I and my brother love very much. When the unexpected death of both my father and mother occurred at early points in my life, I did not understand why, but I try. That is why I believe that I can try. I can reach within myself and say that the desire is in there and if I just try, I will achieve more than what I could perceive. To me, if trying allows me to move forward, it is better than just standing still.