Dream Coming True

Christopher - Swansboro, North Carolina
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Most kids don’t want to go to sleep at night. I, however, can’t wait to experience another dream. Ever since my first dream of a life in a world of peace, I’ve wanted to make the dream come alive. I believe that world peace is possible, for I have seen it, and I can help bring it.

I guess it all goes back to when I was a mere little kid. I had the best parents, a great school to go to every day, very nice friends, and many life-changing experiences; all of them for the better. For the first twelve years of my life, I seemed to be the happiest kid alive! Then I started to grow up. I started to see things as they were in a fantastically different perspective. In fact, I looked at things from many different perspectives! Soon, I became a philosopher, and set out my quest to find wisdom.

When I realized how much war and hate we have in this world that most people call, “The Reality,” it almost tore me apart. How could people treat others this way, I asked myself. Since then, I have been trying to find the answer to a different question: How can they not be able to treat them in a better way? Why can’t we all just be kind to one-another, as I have always been. Why can’t we just forget our differences, stop shooting people for one minute, and take a look at ourselves? Who are we, I asked. Is this the only thing our government does; kill people to get what they want? How embarrassing for the United States, I think. How humiliating, it seems.

There must be a way to stop it all, I tell myself, there is always a solution. So what was the solution? Can one just try to bring world peace to the Earth? Can one just unify all nations into one friendship? Can one just stop all war, and never see a gun pointed at another innocent man again? One can try.

From then on, I committed myself to researching how the government handled everything; try to find the real story behind all that the news conceives from us. Afterwards, I donated my time to spreading the word of love. I found that one of the main problems in this entire world was greed. If we could stop all greed, that would be the first step into world peace! I now offer myself to help anyone in need, and so that whatever one may need, I can try to get it for them. In the meantime I teach them the true acts of kindness and consideration for one-another. However, if one should every try to take advantage of me, I try to convince them to stop, and to do something for me in return. I usually never ask for much; therefore, I teach them the act of committing to do that act of kindness and consideration.

World peace is possible, and we, the people can bring it! All we can do is try.