Let me change, let me grow

Sara - San Marcos, California
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, family

Let Me Change, Let Me Grow

I believe in change. Just like the leaves grow on a tree, change color, then fall to the earth, the seasons change and there is a cycle. However every time fall comes around the tree is different. It’s bigger and stronger, maybe a branch broke off or some one did a poor job trimming it but with out fail the tree is always growing and always changing.

My mother is a beautiful example of the nurturer that watered me and raked my leaves and saw the beauty no one else could find. As a child I would see how much I could get away with and very quickly realized my mother was smart and could see past my mischievous smiles and into my soul. She taught me right and pointed out my wrongs and as a child I grew to respect my mother. All too soon teen age life clouded my brain and pulled me into the dark rebellious state. I had this strong desire to change and branch away from the familiar and safe. I tried to go with the flow and was pulled away from my parents and the truths I started to question. Thinking I was clever and unique I would lie to my parents to make them happy so I could try living my life as I pleased. Well life’s hard and when it got tough, though I didn’t fully realize it, my mom was the one I turned to time and time again. I abused privileges, took her love for granted and turned away from her time and time again. But she stayed there to water me and let in the sun, waiting for me to make some changes of the heart. My life was changing and as the fall of my life turned into a cold winter I decided I needed new change. I shook off all of the people in my life telling me rebellion and secrets were the way to live and I started to blossom with honesty. The spring of my life has been beautiful, as I have grown closes to those who build me up and keep me safe. My mother has become my dearest friend as I have grown to be not only honest with her but also with my self.

People come into our lives as positive influences pruning, watering, and turning our soil. Others break our branches, leave our fruit unpicked and call us ugly in the middle of winter. Many people have touched my life as builders and breakers and weather I wanted it or not they took that seed of mine and turned me into the tree I am today.

I believe in change and all the good that can come from it. Some times its hard and often we need a push in the right direction but when a good change has occurred you can more fully realize what your capable of pushing you to form a new branch of beautiful growth.