Humanlike Qualities of Animals

Joshua - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that animals are far more similar to humans than most people realize. They share our emotional and intellectual capacity. I have two toy fox terriers, and they have taught me that, without a doubt, they think and feel just as much as I do. They are loving and faithful, maybe even to a fault. They know when I am feeling depressed and they know better than any human how to heal me. If not for my dogs, I think that I would not know what it means to love someone, or what friendship really is.

Animals teach people how to care and to see with more than just our eyes. I remember visiting my friend’s family farm in northern Minnesota. I had the opportunity to bottle feed a calf. It was an amazing feeling of pure joy. I looked into the baby cow’s eyes and I knew that it was more than just an animal. It was a thinking and feeling being. I realized that the calf was a unique individual, just like me. It felt all the emotions that I did.

I believe that people don’t give enough credit to animals’ intelligence. In fact, I think that an animal’s emotional intelligence is far superior to a human’s. When was the last time you knew a person who knew just how you felt and how to make you feel better? How about an animal? If you’ve ever had a pet then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. They understand us even more than we understand ourselves sometimes. I believe that animals use reason in the same way I do, and that they have their own unique personalities that shape their lives and ours. I think that all animals can teach us to be better people.