This I Believe

Natasha - 46218, Indiana
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in music and poetry because music is a universal language that is understood around the world. The power of poetry is that it is a way to release the emotion within you without doing something illegal. When music and poetry crosses over in to spoken word you get a combination that can change the world if not more. Music was introduced to me before I was born.

My first words were the lyrics to Lauren Hills- Killing me softly. I began writing poetry when I was eight years old. It was my vent for my mothers drug problem. When my great grand mother died it was my way of getting through a tough time in my life.

The same a when my uncle and aunt died. Music has so much more then a beat that can make you bob your head. Music has emotion. Music can make you feel what the artist was going through at the time the song was written.

A song can teach you a lesson the easy way without actually having to go through it. A song can make you happy for the rest of the day. Poetry can do the same because the words in poetry can be put to a beat and both of them together is music. Music can trigger a past memory, and for me it dose a lot.

I can be in the car and a song would come on that would remind me of a past boyfriend, or a song my grandmother use to sing in the church choir. That’s why I love music and it lives though me.