Believe It Even if You cant see it!

Roseann - monticello ky, Kentucky
Entered on September 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe ……that miracles can happen!

Have you ever wondered why something happened the way that it did; or how someone survived something that almost seems impossible to escape? Doesn’t that make you wonder how life would be if we didn’t have miracles? We would all be dead , because it is a miracle that we breathe every day.

The thing is I am an 18 year old student at Wayne County High school. How I got there I couldn’t begin to tell you, but I can tell you that I have been in many different places, several different homes and I have had many different families ;none of which are my own. I have been a very sick child in the past. I had to stay in the hospital for weeks, because my mom did drugs when she was pregnant with me .When I was just a toddler I was fed alcohol in my bottle to get me asleep . From then on out I have had stomach problems every since. What happened throughout the rest of my life was a living nightmare.

I have been beaten so badly that I couldn’t move. A lot of people may say that there is no God, but I strongly disagree because he works miracles every single day whether or not you can see it. He has kept me alive not because I am any different from anyone else but because I am proof that miracles do happen. I believe that I am being used by God to tell my story. To tell what exactly I am still alive for when I should have died a long time ago.

There are many trials that people may face in there lives , some they over come and some that they can’t get past. Everything thing that I have went through has really affected my life in such a positive way. It has made me want to do better through my journey towards life. This way when I am older I can reflect back and know the right way to do things . When you think of the word miracle you probably think about something happening right before your eyes, such as a blind person being able to see again. My miracle may not be as extreme as this but it is still accounted for as a miracle but, in a different way.

I never doubt that miracles happen because they happen to me every single day. God has held me throughout my life, but I think that it is time to stand strong and not give up on life even though it would be easier to do, but giving up is not for me or I would have given up as a child.

Believing in miracles has really made me a stronger person. This strength helps me to plan out a brighter future for myself. Staying alive as long as I have has guided me in a path of a very positive walk with God. Without him I would have never made it through all of this pain and discouragement that has been put up on me. I believe that many things happen. I just have to believe in god’s miracles and believe that he will take care of me.