Get Messy. Have Fun. Make Mistakes.

Michele - Saginaw, Michigan
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a child I can remember only having to worry about what my mother was making for lunch, or if I was going to the park that day. Over the years, I was faced with further challenges more complex than the simpler toddler days, such as waking up on my own and turning my own shower on. Although these may not sound like difficult challenges, they sure were back then. Eventually over time, the daily difficulties in life became merely easy daily tasks. Granted, I did have my stumbles, and I did make my fair share of mistakes along the way, I never gave up on any challenge. And as I grew older, I began to realize and believe that mistakes happen all the time, and to just continue on with life learning from them.

Just two weeks ago, I faced the biggest challenge in my eighteen years of life thus far; college. I have always been somewhat spoiled at home; Mom always did my laundry, cooked, and did the majority of the cleaning. Now that I am finally an adult and on my own, I have had to learn these basics the last few weeks. And yet again, I made some mistakes, from putting the wrong amount of laundry soap in the washer, to messing up Easy Mac. Yes, Easy Mac. Life goes on though, and I have learned from my mistakes.

Growing up and living with just my mother and myself, moving into a new environment with new people I had never met before was also somewhat of a struggle. Now, for anyone who has ever lived with a lot of people in one apartment, you my friend have my sincere sympathy, for the only challenge more difficult than living and agreeing with seven other girls, is staying focused on schoolwork with seven other girls. From arguing about the dishes and vacuuming, to partying all night and having an eight-thirty class the next morning, living with them most certainly allows you to lose focus on schoolwork. I have lived in my new environment for only two weeks now, and I will admit that I have already made a few mistakes, the major one being procrastination. In the first month that I have been here at college, I have waited until the last minute to do just about every assignment I have had so far. I am beginning to finally realize that this strategy may have worked in high school, but it is not going to work here in college. I know I am not the only one who has made this unpleasant mistake—after all, it is college—but it is a mistake that should never have happened already, and I am certainly learning from it.

As I make my mistakes and go through life one day at a time, I again remind myself that life goes on, and I strongly believe that as life goes on, mistakes will happen, and you will learn from them; that is just the way it happens, so learn to laugh it off and carry on. I also believe it is always necessary to work through any challenge, taking one day at a time. Never fret about the small troubles in life—it will all come together in the end.