The Bright Star

Emily - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family

On March 28th 2004, I got a call from my dad who was in Arkansas telling me that one of the most important people in my life had passed away, my Grandpa. He died from lung cancer and suffered this illness for a treacherous six months. Unfortunately, he lost one of his lungs and experienced long days just lying in bed. Although we all went through a tough time while my Grandpa was ill, we spent a lot of great times with him. He took us fishing, and we went on walks, and Joe Mulvaney, my Grandpa, would do anything to stay active. When we went on a walk with him one time, he wanted to have a race of who could finish the whole forest preserve path first, which is about 2 miles. It was my dad and I verse my Grandpa and two brothers. My Grandpa knew a shortcut that allowed my brothers and him to win, so my dad and I had to buy hot chocolates for everyone. No matter what happened to him, even metal plates in his knees, he would still get out to golf, which was one of his favorite activities, and just have a fun time with his family.

While my grandpa was very sick, I had a hard time believing that God was really watching over us because he was letting my Grandpa suffer so much. My Grandpa was such a healthy man and it was so hard for us to really imagine him being close to death. It was difficult for my whole family and me to hear that my Grandpa had passed away, but it was also a good thing because we knew how much happier he would be not feeling any pain at all. When we went down to Arkansas for my Grandpa’s service, it was very nice and small. All of his family was there and several of his friends came to give there condolences.

I believe in guardian angels protecting us everyday. The night that we came back was a sad night for my whole family, but when I looked up, I saw a bright star that was lighting up the whole sky. From that point on, I knew that my Grandpa was that bright star watching over me. Whenever I feel sad, stressed, or even alone, I know that my Grandpa is there protecting me every day of my life.

My Grandpa has always wanted me to be the best I could in life, and even though he is in heaven, I still know that he is the one who motivates me. Whenever I am scared or nervous, I pray to him and understand that he is protecting me in everything I do. My Grandpa, Joe Mulvaney, is one of the most important people in my life, and even though he is not alive anymore, I know that he is my guardian angel.