The Life of Purpose

Brittany - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

As a kid, I was fascinated with the solar system. Sitting outside on windy October nights looking into the fall skies, brought me serenity. Many questions formed in my head about the mysterious wonder. How did the solar system begin? How did people get her on Earth? How do the stars shine so bright? Many of these questions have scientific answers that were concluded from theories. I believe the phenomenon of the great universe was placed here by a specific purpose. That purpose was to illuminate our world with bright light given from the sun, moon, and the stars; to provide a sanction where the human life form can survive and to give scientist various reasons to design technology to continue the exploration of the universe.

I believe purpose to be the anticipated aim which guides action. Purpose is an object to be reached, a target, an aim, a goal. Everyone in life has a purpose and lives to their capability of finding that meaning of their life. We spend each day trying to find out who we are and how we will have a positive effect on the planet. There is no exact answer to our destiny but there are hints given throughout life that bring us closer to the truth. We learn new things about ourselves as time progresses by education or just day to day living. We use this new information to develop a map of the direction we want to head in.

The purpose of World War II was to end the vicious attack that the Japanese army was repeatedly inflicting on the United States of America. The war actually started when Japan, Germany, and Italy signed a treaty that stated any of these three nations had to declare war on America. Therefore, Japan planned the attack on the United States because it had the stronger army. Winning the war granted our country victory over all three nations and ended the Great Depression. Resulting from this event in the past, purpose was well defined and was never directly acknowledged.

As I went through the years of childhood to adolescence, I challenged the motives to my actions daily. I wondered if I were being true to myself and displaying to others an image that came from my inner being. I concluded that I would NEVER be anything that I did not measure up to. The most fulfilling decision would be to have people love you as are you. Devoting to live and experience everyday learning more about myself than the previous day. That itself, is purpose. No one will ever know their purpose in life directly. It is the annotative study from actions we partake in on a daily basis. In time, we will finally figure out who we are and receive a glimpse of our destiny. Time does not go back, it only moves forward; so we progress with it gaining the official acceptance of one ’s self.

My future may not be clear to me at this current point in time, but I will take each insight that I gain and apply it to the place I am headed. There is so much that I have yet to finish in life. I do know that I have matured and developed an ardent sense to the natural world. Living up to my full potential will give me pride in the decisions I make. By making decisions that better my future, success will be attainable. I know from previous experience that triumph comes after the hardest trials.