Reactions to a Crisis

Misty - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that how you act in a crisis shows who you really are. When emergencies occur, actions speak louder than words. You could be the one running around screaming like a chicken with its head cut off; or you could be the one who’s helping those who need it. Either way what you do reflects back on who you really are. There is some point in our lives where we are faced with some type of crisis; whether it’s as small as losing your keys or it’s as big as someone in a wreck. We all face these at some point, and how we handle them is what makes the difference.

I have been faced with both major and minor crises. A minor example for me would be losing my keys. This happens to me a lot, because I often forget where I last placed my keys. This always seems to happen to me when I’m running late or in a hurry. So I try to keep myself calm and retrace my steps until I found them, then once I’ve found them I’m like “Oh yeah, I remember putting them there now.” This is just a small crisis that can be handled easily.

A major example was when my wallet got stolen at school. I got to my third block class and realized that it was gone. I tried not to come to conclusion that it had been stolen, and that it had simply fallen out of my purse in my car that morning. But after I went and looked my car over an checked out the classes I had been in, and couldn’t find it, I had to face that bitter facts that someone had stolen it. I kept thinking ‘Who would have taken it?’ ‘When could they have got it?’ I then had to go report it had been stolen. Not long after I had reported it stolen I was called out of class because it had been found, everything was there except for the money that I had in it.

This all goes to show what reaction describes you when a crisis is brought to attention. When I misplaced my keys I never freaked out because I couldn’t find them, and when my wallet was stolen I didn’t over react and start blaming people and say I was going to kick their butt; I just simply faced the facts in both of these examples that the best thing I could do was to stay calm. A person can try to stay calm and reasonable like I did in my examples, or a person can get frustrated and freak out. No matter which one describes a person it doesn’t make them a bad person, it just shows how they can handle a crisis. It all depends on who the person is. So whichever one that best describes you, that makes you the person you are today.