I Believe

Frances - San Leandro, California
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe people should judge people on the inside things and not the outer things. People judge people on their height, race skin color and the people they like. I see people all the time make fun of someone’s clothing, body type, etc. It makes me feel bad because I know how it feels. Yes I have been judgmental before but I’ve also been on the other end where I’m getting judged. I’ve been critically judged about my being 5’9, being 190 pounds and having a dark complexion. People say things to fit in and to make themselves feel better but in the end someone’s getting hurt.

People’s sexuality is also a big thing that people judge. I feel that they do the same things we do except they find comfort in the same sex. Why should they be judged? Why should anyone be judged? We all have flaws and nobody is perfect. We all have our problems and one day we might be able to focus on the good things about people and not the bad. If I have a negative thing to say I try to keep it to myself but if I can’t sometimes I do judge but I’m not proud of it and it’s something I think all should work on. If not people could really get hurt. How do you feel when you’re judged and outcast.