Depending on Myself

Natasha - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Depending on Myself

When I think about depending on others, I think of the times I was let down or disappointed because I depended on someone that didn’t come through. That’s why I strongly believe that you can’t depend on anyone; you can only depend on yourself.

I have believed that you can only depend on yourself for a longtime and the main reason I feel this way is because of all the times I have been let down by depending on others. I feel that only depending on myself has helped me in more than one way. When it came to depending on others to do something for me or help me out, most of the time it didn’t get done, it was done wrong, or I felt that it would have been done better if I would have just done it myself. By depending on myself, I know that everything that needs to be done will get done and get done the way they need to be.

I remember the times before I had my license. I had to depend on others to take me to work as well as pick me up. I was sometimes late and often I was left or picked up late after long periods of waiting. And even though I had always made it clear to the person when I needed to be taken to work or picked up, I was let down a multiple of times and caused to wait or call someone else. I realized once I got a vehicle that things were easier not having to depend on others and I was always on time and left when it was time to leave.

Could it be that maybe I just depended on the wrong people? Over the years I have found good friends that I know will be there if I need their help. These friends have helped me realize that there are people that would pick you up on time, or do something for you the best they can, but when it comes down to it, I would only like to depend on others when I absolutely have to because I still believe it is best if you only depend on yourself. This belief has made me more responsible and has also made me very persistent. I am accustomed to getting things done and never giving up until they are. Depending on others weakens your self-reliance. So when there comes a time that no one is there for you, you become lost and wonder what you should do. By depending and relying on yourself, you become prepared for the times that no one can help you. And even though there are many people that are dependable and would never let a friend down, I still believe it is best to just depend on yourself.