This I Believe: The Power Of Music

James - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How does music make you feel? Does it make you feel happy, excited, angry or mellow? Music is something that everyone on earth shares and something that everyone likes. To put it plainly music is part of our culture and part of our world. But why is it so important? Why does it make us who we are and make us different from one another?

I believe it is because almost everyone in the world no matter who you are can relate to some sort of music or specific song. I believe that music makes us who we are and defines us from one another. It makes us feel the way we do. I also believe that music can brighten your day or rain on your parade.

Most music has powerful lyrics and meaning words in it that can really touch us in some way. For example, if you’re in a calm mellow kind of mood and you listen to calm slow mellow music you’ll stay in that mood, but if you listen to depressing music or dance music your mood will change. If you’re feeling down and out you could listen to happy upbeat music and it enters your body and fills you with energy and it makes you want to get up and dance and then your mood changes.

All my life I’ve listened to country music, but as I grew up and entered high school my interest in music changed. As I met many different people from many different groups of friends and listened to each groups different types of music my taste in music changed. I started listening to rock, 80s, pop, rap, and many more types as well and slowly stopped listening to country. Country music always made me sad because of the lyrics and the words inside it. When I started listening to other types of music my mood changed.

It’s definitely because I can relate to many different types of music. Most of the time I don’t really pay attention to music or the words but when I do it really sends a message to me. The more I can relate to a song the more Ill like it. Music has defiantly changed my life in a positive way. It’s made me a more interesting person and it’s made me a lot of new friends and a happier person.

I believe in music and I believe that music does have some effect on us humans. Whether it is positive or negative depends entirely on the person and the type of music they listen to. This is what I believe.