Some Things Are Better Learned the Hard Way

Emilee - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that some things are just better learned the hard way, it may not be easier, but I guarantee it will be understood more clearly. Sometimes one must try and fail to completely comprehend.

When we were younger, we all liked to eat cookies. Before dinner you always feel that little surge of hunger, and, as a child, it’s not that you can’t control the urge to stick your hand in the cookie jar, it’s the mere fact that you don’t really care about ruining your supper. I was guilty of it; I would eat junk food before time to eat and I would not eat what my mother prepared. My parents would wonder why I wouldn’t eat the meal that was set in front of me, until they caught me sneaking as many cookies as my small hands could hold. The first few times they told me that it was unhealthy, then as I persisted in sneaking and eating those irresistible cookies, my father’s belt got the message across. I learned the hard way that you mustn’t ruin your supper with junk food.

That concept follows you throughout life; not the one where you get spanked for ruining your meal, but the one where you don’t understand or learn something until you’ve done it the wrong way.

On a more serious note, I’ve been driving since I’ve been 16 and half. I don’t have a sports car, but I still manage to drive my Toyota like it is one. I almost turn into a different person when I am behind the wheel. I think more about how fast I can get somewhere, rather than the safety of other people and myself. However, last February, my cousin was driving to school from his home in Somerset, he was driving 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit when a woman with a child in the back pulled out in front of him. The mother was killed instantly and yet the child was okay I witnessed the trauma my cousin and the young woman’s family went through. Although, it wasn’t I that wrecked, I learned the hard way that the way you drive not only affects yourself, it also affects others. Since I saw how both families suffered through bad timing and fast driving, I gladly slowed down on the road.

Even though the scenarios I told ranged from light-hearted to something as serious as life and death, they are lessons that proved what I believe. Like I said before, you may try and try again, but there are some things you aren’t going to comprehend until you know how not to do them.