believe it

Tyler - monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that life is fair. Many people are always complaining about how life is not fair. But the people are complain are still alive so life is fair just everything good don’t always happen in your life. But be happy that you are still alive.

A lot of people complain that life is not fair and I was one of them. When my grandma got sick and put in the hospital and they told the family that the medicine wasn’t working that she probably wouldn’t live. My grandma stayed in the hospital for about two weeks before she finally died. We all thought how life wasn’t fair and why my grandma had to die. But in all honestly life is fair because my grandma got to live a great life and she got to live for 92 years. A lot of people are always saying how life is not fair. But it is because you are still alive. Maybe you think life is unfair because one thing in your life didn’t go your way. But that doesn’t make life unfair think of how many greats things has happened in your life but people will stay say there life is unfair because of that one bad thing that happened in their life. Tragic things happen in every one’s life. They don’t always happen the same day but bad things happen to everyone not just you.

So life is not unfair for that one bad thing that happens to you. Think of all the good things that happened to you. Everyone has something bad happen in their life. Like the death of a friend or relative. So stop and think next time before you say life is unfair just think of how life is fair bad things happen to everyone but they all don’t happen at the same time. If you actually think about it life is fair. Yes bad things will happen in your life but they happen in everyone’s life not just yours. Don’t think your life is unfair because if that one bad thing that happened.