Bethany - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

Bethany Ball

Shane Shoemaker

September 2, 2008

♥ Karma ♥

Hold in your anger, keep it to yourself, and smile and be friendly to everyone you meet that day. Wait a few days and someone will not take their anger out on you either. But if you do the opposite, you will get what you dished out ten-fold. Karma. Such a simple word, but it can mean so much and cause such controversy. This is what I believe, what goes around absolutely comes around. Rather you believe it or not, you will reap what you sow in the end.

This belief had not really hit me till recently, of course I thought karma was real, but I had never really felt karma take place in my life. In the past I have not exactly been the person I could have been, and surprisingly I am not afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to confess this. For everyone makes errors and I am committed to trying to change…because of karma.

A couple of summers ago, I became friends with different people and started doing different things. Yes, in some ways I changed for the better and those traits have stuck with me, or so I hope for. But, in other ways, I started treating people with less compassion and respect and doing things that were not of my character, as in deceiving my friends and the people I was closest to and held dearest. Well, until a while back, I had only thought of this event as “my summer of wild” that I and everyone else would come to forget as time went on. The karma came. Many misdeeds and harmful words I had said and done to people had come back around and slapped me in the face. Even if the person I had hurt initially was not the one to bruise me now, the event and lines were similar.

So from now on, I am going to smile and forgive and all in all be a better person. Not only because karma does exist and it does affect you, but because it’s simply the right thing to do. I’m positive you can make or break someone’s day in your life by your actions and words.

Hopefully, after all my bad karma has passed, I will get good luck down the road from the deeds and the attitude that I do and try today. Because karma is real and it affects people everyday…even if they don’t realize it. So I keep that in mind and treat every day as a new opportunity, a new chance to evaluate and decide the type of karma I want to create for that day and the future ahead.