Mircales Can happen

angelea - montiecllo, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Miracles Can Happen

This I believe… I believe that miracles can happen to anybody. You can’t ask for them, or wish for them; they just have to come on their own. My family and I are living proof that a miracle can happen to anybody.

Back last April I got a phone call at work that my sister had been in a car wreck, and someone was dead. I took off running for my car when I got to the road that was far as I could go any further that traffic was back up so for at least two miles. So I jumped out of my car and starting running down the side of the road. When I got to that scene the camaro looked like a bug that had been stepped on and. I thought that she was dead, my heart stopped beating, I am not even sure if I was still breathing. The EMS and a local firefighter would not let me by them. One of them gave me a ride to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, the nurses would not let me in the room. I could hear her screaming, so I knew that she was alive. Before they let me in to the room to see her the doctor come out and explained to me that her right femur was broke: and her left tubular was broke: they explained that they didn’t know about brain damage. They said that they was going to send her to another hospital that would be able to tell us more

When I walked in the room I couldn’t stand to look at her everything was dripping with blood. From the blankets to the floor, everything was bright red. She opened her eyes and tears rolled down her face. I looked down at her hands and they were cut and bloody, but between her fingers was a picture of her boyfriend that was in the car with her when she wrecked. She looked at the picture and then asked about him. I told her that everything was okay, but the truth was that I didn’t know.

That night she went into surgery at ten o’clock and she came out the next morning at six. The doctors told mom that she was fine and she would have to spend several days in the hospital. She spent ten days in the hospital and I was there by her side every day. At first she could not even get out of bed, but as the days past she got stronger and got to getting around better than ever.

I will always remember how she looked in the hospital bed. This has changed my life so much now I am more careful when driving. And it was nothing short of a miracle that my sister lived, this I believe.