You Make Your Own Happiness

Megan - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

You Make Your Own Happiness

Who makes you happy? I have always believed that you should make your own happiness. I live by this. No matter what life hands you, I feel that you need to be happy. I believe no one can make you happy but yourself. You shouldn’t have to depend on your wife, husband, friends, or family to make you happy. You should depend on yourself.

Every single person has a different life to live. Some have the world at their feet, while others may barely have what the need to make it through. I volunteer at an Adult Health Care facility, and there I have met many different people. Every attendant there has some extent of a problem: Low income, mental disability, and health issues are just a few. In spite of what is wrong, they’re still happy. They don’t allow what problem they have to run the life they were given, they make there selves happy. I absolutely love that. I strongly believe that you can’t let the troubles in life bring you down. That’s how the people there think. That’s how we should all think.

Another story I can tell that has changed the way I believe and supports this paper is about my cousin. At age 35 she had one son, was in an unhealthy marriage, several health problems and was diagnosed with colon cancer. Now I’m not saying it was easy for her in the least bit, but she didn’t allow those bumps in her life to take away the happiness she wanted. I saw this woman sick, exhausted, hurt, and scared, but one thing I never saw was her totally out of faith. I saw her fight for happiness. She obtained that by herself.

Achieve your happiness by laughing, smiling, and staying positive. Think “Hey, it could always be worse!” I know if I am in a positive state of mind like that I can help myself from being in the dumps to being happier more. Try to shake the small things off and not let it get to you. Of course this belief has been tested many times. Everyone has better days than others; the bad times will pass.

I feel that what you become in life is only up to you. Take everything that life throws at you and take control. Everyone has the power to be happy .Someone can’t do it for you; you make your own happiness.