Family Is Everything

Casey - Monticello/KY/42633, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family Is Everything

Today, I sit and think about my life and what I have accomplished and what I plan to accomplish. One of my accomplishments would be how my life has been taught so well. I go to high school and have good grades and hope to keep it that way throughout college. The people who have taught me these accomplishments would be my parents and little children. You’re probably thinking children, but yes, children have shown me how I need to grow up and plan to be a better parent when I have my own children. I have seen so much happiness working at my aunt’s daycare. And it also shows me how lucky that I have parents that love and care for me like they do. I am so lucky!

Last summer I was helping at the daycare, I thought, “well I could be doing like the rest of my friends and not have a job and hang out with them.” Then I realized I needed to stay, because these children teach me more than I could ever learn at any school. Everyday it makes me smile at something that a kid would do or say and I know I would miss that, if I left. I love seeing them smile and run up to their mom or dad when they came back from work. I remembered doing that too when I was little I loved watching them. As I grew older, I stopped loving that moment because I never cared as much because I didn’t go to a daycare then, but the kids made me care again. They made me see how blessed I was to see my parents. Now when I come home I see my parents waiting for me; grinning like a possum.

One day all the little kids were going to paint pictures. So I got down the paint, paint brushes, and blank white paper. I sat it in front of this little boy I barely knew, only his name. He had this big smile that showed all his pearly white teeth, so it made me smile. He said, “I’m going to make this for my mommy!”

I asked, “Are you now, what is it going to be?”

“A whale in a pool!” he exclaimed.

I soon found out that his mom was not coming that day like the rest of the children. Wondering what was going on, I questioned my aunt and she told me why he was still there; he was one of my aunt’s foster children. I felt so blessed to go home that afternoon and see my parent’s faces. I told them I was glad I was not a foster kid, or adopted.

About a week later, I got to see his mom she was pretty and looked like she was smiling from a far. Walking through the door I saw this same little boy smile light up and his eyes began so widen with happiness. I was thinking how much I would miss my parents if they were gone too. He ran up to her hugging her and then started to cry telling her she can’t go. This tore my heart, it felt like someone was grabbing my heart and squeezing it. This relates to my life by I never want to leave my child, or never do anything to get my child took away.

I have been helping now for about a year and something and I have learned to appreciate, love, and realize how much I care for someone. Every one of the kids at the daycare I care for they have taught me things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. I thank them and my parents for showing me my path before me. Everyone can be happy it’s just you have to realize how much you already have. Your family is the most loving and caring thing to make your world as happy as you can make it. Your family is the one that’s makes you the luckiest person on earth. This is what I believe.

By: Casey M. Dishman