Miracles In My Life

Rhonda - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: birth

Miracles In My Life

This I believe…

Do you believe miracles do happen? Well, I do. My sister was pregnant and when she went into labor the doctors told her that her baby was stuck in her tubes and was dead. They said that when she has the baby it would kill her. So the whole family was all worried sick and crying.

My sister was crying and got her heart rate really high. She got sent to Somerset hospital. On the way up there, my mom and I was right behind the ambulance the whole way. When we got there the doctor came in and started to do a DNC on her since Wayne County hospital said the baby was dead. The doctor told my mom that she was in to much pain for the baby to be dead. He checked her and told the nurses to get her to labor and delivery right way! She was about to have the baby.

They got her hooked up to all the machines and she laid there for one or two hours. Then after about an hour she started dilating really fast. My mom got dressed because she was going to go in there with her. Then once again my sister’s heart rate was going really high but this time the baby’s was going down! So the doctor decided it would be best to do a emergency c-section. After bout an hour they came pushing the baby out so the family could see her.

My sister had to stay in the hospital about two weeks. But the baby had to stay about a week longer than she did. They said they wanted to make sure the baby’s heart rate wasn’t going to go back down.

Miracles really do happen because my sister is fine and the baby is now five years old and very healthy. Miracles are very important to me because I almost lost my sister and my niece. I am sure in your life sometime before you die you will have a miracle happen to you!


Rhonda Burnette