What goes around, comes around

Jennifer - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Karma. It is a code I like to define my life by. It gives me a sense of meaning to explain why things happen to me. Why did I get an F on this quiz? Oh, because I chose to watch television and not to study. Why did I get grounded? Oh, because I made the choice to not do what I was told. Why isn’t my friend talking to me anymore? Because I talked bad about her to someone else. Why do my gym clothes smell bad? I chose not to wash them. Karma is a constant cause and effect that relates what you do, to what happens to you in your future. It means whatever vibes, feelings, or actions you send out, you will receive the same type of things back. I have not always believed in karma though. I used to have a skeptical view of the idea until it finally clicked in my head that what I do or don’t do affects everything else that happens to me. People can almost choose their fate with karma. My grandma used to be a smoker, who in turn now is dependant on air tubes that she wears in her nose to help her breathe. My uncle, who would never eat healthy, now has cholesterol problems. Although negatives are what seem to stand out most, I also believe that good positive things can come from karma too. There have been many times when I have done things for other people and in return someway received a reward back. By supporting my friends through their hard times, I have gotten their support when I needed it most. When I befriended the new girl in school, I ended up having her as lifelong friend. My examples are endless when explaining how present karma is in my life. It helps to keep me aware when I need a reality check. But it is also there when I need a good ‘ol pat on the back. To this day, karma is no new concept. For thousands of years, Buddhists and Hindus try everyday to live their life with good karma to help them achieve their ultimate goal of being one with their god. By believing, I hope to inflict upon others a better outlook on their lives and help them to make good choices to affect their futures positively. Believing in karma, I think is actually good karma and I plan in the future to continue to try to use good karma to succeed in my life and be the best person I can.