Family support

Mary - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, fear, setbacks

I believe in family support. My family has been here for me all of my life and hopefully years to come. I am writing about support because it is something a family does for one another everyday. They support you in the smallest of things and in the biggest and this is one of those many times my family has stood right behind me.

I was born without a muscle in my right eye. At 5 years old the doctor told me that I needed surgery or my eye would be permanently blind. Even though my eye was not bothering me, my parents still wanted me to have surgery, because they wanted me to be able to see out of my right eye.

So, when I was 5 I had the surgery. I was scared out of my mind but my family stayed with me through the whole thing and it ended up going as planned. It took a few weeks after the surgery for my eye to heal but when it did everything was all better.

This is just one of my many stories that I have when I needed the support of my family, and without them the experience of my surgery would not have been the same. For me this surgery changed my life. Having a loving a family there changed it and made it easier for me. And afterwards my family helped me cope with the side effects and the healing process after. I am very thankful for their help and truly do believe in family support.