I Believe in Laughter

Thomas - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in humor. I believe in humor because it can make or break friend ships and relationships. Humor turns tense or stressful points in life into much more relaxing times.

For instance if you are having a major argument with your friend and then you realize how stupid the argument is you and your friend usually laugh it off. Over time I have been exposed to so many categories and concepts of humor I have developed my own sense of amusement, unique in its own way.

I however believe since everyone has seen different things, felt different things, and looks at things in different ways that humor is a delicate thing to work with. The way I see it, jokes are the spice of life. However due to the reasons I mentioned previously jokes have to be carefully played out, like a piece of art, you don’t just toss all the paint you have all at once on it because you aren’t Picasso. You carefully paint it layer after layer. However if you take too long to paint the picture you will probably get bored and start doing something else. Which poses the question, how dull would life be without tension shattering humor?

However I didn’t always think that laughing was a cure for stress. Often in the past I have realized when I pushed something a little too far. Generally the area will go quiet or spew forth a unified exasperated “Thomas…”

A year ago I went to a Christian camp in Wisconsin. On the first day when I went into the cabin that would be my intermittent resting place for the next 3 weeks it was immediately awkward. To be more exact, our councilor looked stoned, and the other people had already decided that the wall was far more interesting than anything else in the world. And that is pretty much how it stayed for the first 15 minutes until my councilor, who also sounded stoned, spoke up saying something along the lines of “Ok, Icebreakers, if you could be an animal what would you be?”, the kid in the corner who looked like a stick with a gauge in his ear immediately says something along the lines of a Giraffe fish. Our councilor says “What would it do?” And Jake, the skinny kid with the gauge in his ear, says “Well it would be like a normal fish except it would have a really long neck so it could eat from the trees.” The silence in the room immediately shattered and from that point on we got to know each other and the camp was great. It was great all because of Jake, who used humor to bring us together.

This experience from my life greatly impacted how I looked at jokes that I had previously considered pointless and boring.