I believe in the Strength of the Bond Between Siblings

Danielle - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe the bond between siblings is so forceful it is too difficult to break. We spend so much time with these people. We live together, and grow together. Every memory is a moment to look back upon and smile knowing you had somebody to enjoy it with; weather it’s a brother, sister, or both. Something as simple as eating dinner with that other person that shares the same DNA that runs through your veins gives you a feeling of comfort, or a feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself. If you’re an only child try imagining a best friend or a cousin, someone close to you that can relate or look up to you. There is that special bond that just connects you two, when you know a person so well that you can practically tell what they are thinking.

I know I have a special bond with my sister. She is so spunky and fun to be around, and she’s only my half sister because my dad was married and divorced before he met my mom. My sister spent her summers with us and the school year in Seattle. That was hard for me to understand in the beginning. Except the times she was here I looked up to her more than anyone could ever know. I would copy her actions; even repeat phrases she would say. I was just a mini Stephanie running around. Now I am grown, I realize that having her around helped me experience more and learn from someone who has been through everything already. When she went away to college it wasn’t much different, but it was harder not to have someone there. We barely saw her; however that connection between us is never going to disappear. I was sad, but knew that when I saw her we would talk and everything would go back to being the way it had been before. Back to me being young and her being my idol.

Now, two completely different people who have the same father are connected through genetics and love. It amazes me how much siblings impacts one another. Watching them grow and develop into individuals is sometimes taken for granted. I have had the pleasure and displeasure of watching my little brother grow up. To him I was how Stephanie was to me, someone to look up to. We have our moments when we disagree, and we have our times when we are great and hang out. The satisfaction we share to know someone will always be there. Even something as coming to all of our softball, football or basketball games even if at times when we know they were forced. They still cheer you on. I believe in the strength of the bond between siblings. The bond we have between siblings is real and meaningful. It is a special bond, with a connection that no one understands but you two. It will always be there and will not terminate.