Hard Work Pays Off

JaQuan - Spartanburg, 29303, South Carolina
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Hard Work Pays Off

As a developing young man, I believe in hard work. I feel as if “Those that do not work will not eat.” Hard work is what will help you become strong and survive in this world. I believe that only you can truly provide for yourself.

Hard work defined to me would be “to have the ability of persistent and dedication.” I believe these two morals will help even the weakest survive in today’s society. I believe, if you push yourself to be whatever it is you’re striving to become, than you will become that. Only you can make something of yourself. Hard work is just the base of all success.

As stated earlier “Those that do not work, will not eat,” is just figure of speech. The word eat does not necessarily pertain to food. It does in a sense of employment because if you do not work than how will you gain financial stability to acquire food. The word “eat” also has another different, deeper and more complex meaning. It can mean if you do not work hard than how can you expect to reap the benefits of any success. As being a non worker, you shouldn’t expect anything good or prosperous to happen of your life. You are just another dependent, another person waiting on someone to take care of you.

I feel as if men should really be the ones to take heed of what I’m saying. A man shall be the provider of himself. He should be attempting to stop being a dependent of his parents when he has reached the age of 16. After this he shall strive to become independent and to be able to take care of himself. There’s nothing wrong with having to attend school and having a job on the side. I’ve done it and I know plenty of other men that have done the same. Neither should a man depend on his wife or girlfriend to take care of him. What kind of man stays home and watches football all evening while his wife is out maintaining a full time job.

As for women, they should do the same. They shouldn’t wait for any man to always take care of them and provide for them. I’ve seen many women that won’t work a day in their lives because “their man is going to take care of them.” Being a dependent is not fair to the men neither is it fair to yourself or other women. Everyone in this world should be able to take care of oneself no matter how tough things may be. Americans wrote the Declaration of Independence so that we could live independent lives. It was written so that we the people could depend on ourselves and ourselves only.

My main point that I am stressing is for people to realize that the world would be a better place if everyone could stop being so lazy and see that being a ward is not appropriate. You have to realize that whoever is taking care of you have other things to take care of also. There is no shame in being a hard working individual. There is shame though, in being a burden on others for your entire life. There is tremendous shame in being an adult and still getting allowance from your parents. Still asking your parents to provide you with things that you can provide for yourself is shameful.