Reading, only for school

Connor - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Reading, Only for School

Many people think reading is a relaxing activity. Some people love to read on the beach while others would rather cozy up with a book in their bed. For me reading is a waste of time. I gain no joy from reading a “great book”. Reading is dull and uneventful. Give me a TV or a laptop; for Pete’s sake give me a puzzle. I will do nearly anything to entertain myself besides read. I believe that reading is meant to stay at school.

I am a part of a generation that loves to watch three TV shows at the same time, while doing tonight’s geometry homework. Our generation’s greatest punishment is to have to sit in one seat and listen to one person for an hour straight. Coming from this generation, I simply don’t have the patience, or the will power to read a book for no reason other than pleasure. Don’t get me wrong I think reading is vital to a person’s education, because it allows us to learn about past historical battles and our world. But I think that is all reading is good for.

For some people reading is a way to learn, and is a form of enjoyment. To fill up my leisure time I rather do something more exciting. For example, while someone is reading that gushy love story about vampires they could be watching the exact same thing on TV. Watching the TV would be much easier and would provide crystal clear picture of vampires with aching hearts. I would much rather go play basketball than read about someone doing the exact same thing.

Reading often talks about things that I could be doing in real life. Playing a sport is much more exciting and fulfilling to me than reading about the sports past. Getting exercise and being active is better to me than staying cooped up inside all day reading line after line, page after page. After about ten minutes of good reading, the words begin jump all over the page and seem to have lives of their own. I simply can’t read any longer without losing my mind. One of the main reasons I hate reading when I don’t have to is because I see reading as a symbol for school. To me school is a pressure filled building with tests and quizzes ready to make your brain hurt. In my free time I don’t want to have to think about school, I just want to “forget the world”.

Overall reading is one of the most boring things anyone can do, and symbolizes the most hated place on earth to kids. Maybe my brain will rot after watching TV instead of reading, but that is a chance I am willing to take. Because I truly believe that reading for enjoyment is dull and a waste of time.