This I believe

Kyle - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe in rivalry. The ambition to be better than the competition. I believe this because it has affected my life greatly. The competition between my family and opponents has helped me become who I am today. It has helped me to develop as a person and an athlete.

The rivalry against my brother has changed my life. In sport we always competed to be the best. One year we both played on the same football team. Every game was a battle to see who the better player was. In one game we actually started to argue in the middle of the game. But, because of this competition I work hard in all practice and went all out in every single game. This gave me a better work ethic and helped me to become a better player.

The competition against other athletes in wrestling helped me to develop as a competitor. At the beginning of the wrestling season in the first tournament I faced a wrestler from Hinsdale Central. In the first two periods of the match we both wrestled hard and ended up tired right before the third. Both of us were out of breath and it was nearing the end of the match. In a quick take down he scored the winning points and won the match. Later in the season we faced Hinsdale in a conference match. I wanted my rematch against this athlete from Hinsdale and I wanted to win. I had a hard week of practice preparing for the match and was ready to go. In the first period I took an early lead and held it to the end of the match and won by a few points. I was disappointed that I did not pin him but was still happy I got the win. Near the end of the season there was a conference tournament. I won in the first and second rounds and was going to the finals. In the finals I was supposed to face the wrestler from Hinsdale. It was finally a chance for me to pin him. In the first period of the match I got a quick take down and got the pin right off the bat. I won the tournament and got the pin I work all season long for. This rivalry between the other wrestler and me helped influence me to work hard all season long and become a better wrestler.

This is how rivalry has affected my life. It has given me a better work ethic and helped me to develop and a player and a person. Due to my family and competition I became who I am today. This is why I believe in rivalry.