Live Life To The Fullest.

Logan - watkinsville, Georgia
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, legacy

I had just moved to Georgia three months before her death. My great-grandmother had lived to be 101 years old. She always lived life to the fullest, and she never regretted anything. She had six children, and her husband died while one of her daughters, my grandmother, was thirteen. She had to raise six children by herself, and it was a challenge for her. She raised her children in Apalachicola, Florida; a small town about an hour away from Tallahassee. Her life consisted of hard work, hard times, and doing everything she could to make sure her and her children’s lives were as perfect as possible. In order to give her family the essentials they needed to live, she shucked oysters. She did everything she could to make a living, and she went fishing every day. She didn’t go fishing for pleasure or to have fun. She went fishing because she would sell the fish to seafood restaurants that were located on St. George Island. St. George Island is across the bridge from Apalachicola. Even though what she did to give her children everything they needed wasn’t a lot of money, it got them through every day. My great-grandmother worked her hardest her entire life. She also went through many hard times in her life. Losing her husband was just the start to many problems to follow. She had six girls, and girls can be hard to handle. Six girls under one roof is one situation I never want to be put in. Through all the hard times she knew she had God on her side, and she went to church every Sunday. She was one of the biggest believers in God that I have ever met or ever heard of. Even though her funeral was sad; we all knew she was in a better place. We all knew God was taking care of my great-grandmother. She taught me many lessons indirectly throughout her life. She taught me to live my life to the fullest, and to never regret anything. I live by that today, and I will always give my “Granny” credit for teaching me.