I Am Molded By Change

Taylor - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

One of the biggest changes in my life resulted in the biggest change inside of me. And it happened when I moved.

I was a happy kid, lots of friends who I had known for years. Did a lot of stuff, like soccer and ballet and other such childhood activities. But when the summer of my 4th grade year rolled around, my family had much grown out of our snug home. The lawn wasn’t big enough for my dog, and every morning I would awake to a slanted ceiling that would collide with my head. It was quite obvious we were maturing past this home of all our memories.

At first, I was quite excited. A new house meant new friends and new school and just everything being anew. But then as I started to pack up my things and as I saw each new house the real-estate lady showed us, I started to change. I became very depressed. What would become of my old friends? Or my old house? Or even worse, what would it be like at this new school? My mind swirled with images of not getting along with other kids, or hating my new house, or having mean teachers. My attitude completely changed.

So when the moving truck pulled up, I closed my eyes. I couldn’t leave this place, but by this time I couldn’t even look at it without bawling. I reluctantly stepped into the truck and, unknowingly, started a whole new part of my life.

When we pulled up to the new neighborhood, I saw the kids next door playing outside. And then I realized; I was overreacting. Sure, I would miss my house, but I figured that there were new opportunities here, new adventures. And ever since then, I’ve just been open to so much more.

I believe that people are shaped by their experiences and their reactions to their experiences. Not that I could know what I would’ve been like if I had never moved, or never had as many changes as I did, but I do know that it shaped the person I am today. And I am really proud of everything that I’ve been through and everything I am. I am sure to have many more changes in the future, and I am positive each one will create the person I’m going to be someday.