Holly - plymouth, Massachusetts
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in appreciation. Appreciating friends, family, and everything around you may be difficult on a day to day basis but you should never take what you have for granted.

My sister and I are close to our family, even our grandparents, who every grandchild is reluctant to “hang out” with as they get older when they could be out with friends. Well, I was sort of like that, of course I loved my grandparents, but something about them just made them seem boring and not fun to be around. This was until last year during school; I got a call from my mom saying my grandfather was in the hospital. He had suffered from a heart attack earlier that morning and wasn’t in the best condition.

This made me think back to all of the times I could have gone to see him or talk to him, even if it was only for a few minutes. That would have made all the difference. The next day I went up to Boston to visit him, and it was scary seeing him lay there, skinny and pale, knowing that I had taken something so important to me for granted.

Today, my grandfather is thankfully home again, although still sick, he is getting better with time. I will never again pass up an opportunity to go see him or take him out to dinner, no matter what else is going on. This whole experience has made me realize that the people close to me will not be around forever, and that I need to appreciate them and everything that they bring. I believe in appreciation.