I Believe in Camp

Carly - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In seventh grade, a couple of my friends started trying to convince me that I should go to Loras Sports Camp. I thought about it, and decided that it would be amazing to get a week long break from my parents in the summer. My parents said I could go under the circumstances that I would pay for 1/3 of the price so that I could “learn the value of the dollar”. I thought that was kind of ridiculous but I decided it would be worth it. I went to camp that summer and enjoyed one of the most spectacular weeks of my summer vacation, I definitely wanted to go again the next year. At that moment I decided that I believe in camp.

I signed up for camp again around January. I knew I wanted to go to a different camp than Loras; I wanted a typical summer camp; similar to the kind in The Parent Trap. I did some research and found Camp Tecumseh. After a conversation with my parents our new agreement would be that I paid for half. As a freshman, I decided to attend camp alone this summer and meet the new people. A week there gave me a variety of new experiences. My favorites were going down a zip line over a lake and getting blobbed in the water. I immediately signed up for the next year session. I convinced my friend Anna to join me. I tried to convince my parents to pay for camp it was so important to me. They had not comprehended my previous two camp experience had changed me as a person, for the better. I had made new friends, tried new sports and activities, and I had learned many new lessons and values. The experience changed me. It helped me understand what is truly important in life. Every summer when I came home I waited in anticipation for my next camp week. When I think of summer camp, I think of my participation in the exciting ultimate frisbee games, the amazing race, mud hikes, cook outs, Roger Murphy challenge, sports rush, lake time, pool time, and water polo games. I will never forget the evening devotions that we had every night or the long nights that I spent talking with my friends. Memories from chapel, serenading the boy’s cabins, and saying camp cheers at lunch with my cabin are etched in my mind. Even the Ga-Ga pit, an indescribable game will always be a highlight from my summer at Camp Tecumseh. My summer camp memories will always be cherished. Nothing could ever replace the relationships that my camp friends and I have. The bonding that occurred over the weeks will last a life time. Camp is an experience that no one should miss out on; I know this because I believe in camp.