Life’s Tough

Emily - LaGrannge, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life’s Tough

My relationship with my sister is pretty complicated. I can’t stand her. She’s just not a nice person. She does things that get me so angry sometimes and I lose it all.

When my sister was born I was five, almost six, years old. I can remember how excited I was when I found out I had a sister. I wanted a sister so bad. I had two brothers and most of my childhood was spent with them doing what they wanted to do: “boy things.” The day my sister was born I was on cloud nine. I wanted to go visit her right away. For the first couple years of her life she was a good sister. I loved playing with her, sharing a room with her, and just being with her. She was cute, and quiet. But things never stay the same.

By many today, my sister is called a drama queen, a brat, and a few other names. She has such an attitude it’s hard to hold a conversation with her without turning it into an argument. It’s hard to believe she has ears because she’ll just block out everything you’re saying and do whatever the heck she wants. She cries over nothing because she thinks it’s funny and that everyone believes she’s really upset. One second tears are streaming down her face and she’s wailing and the next she’s giggling and joking around. The thing that bothers me the most is that she never really talks, she screams. Her high shrilly voice is like worse than nails on a chalkboard for me. She also likes to play the victim card a lot. And half the things that come out of her mouth shouldn’t even be in a nine-year olds vocabulary.

I believe that everyone’s life has obstacles that are unexpected. No one will ever have a perfect life. There will always be people and things you don’t want to deal with. Things or ideas could look good or sound good for a while, like my sister, but really end up bringing you down. My sister has been one of the hardest people I have ever had to deal with. She is my obstacle and in time I will learn to deal with her.