Sharing: A Way to Acquire Great Riches

Ryan - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on September 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was in high school my parents decided to move to another state. I was given the option to go with them or stay with some relatives until I finished my schooling there. I chose to stay.

The day of their departure soon came. After I came back from school that day, I searched the whole house just to make sure they were really not there. The house was empty, lonely, and quieter than ever. In this peaceful environment, I sat down and began thinking of the many things that my parents had done for me.

I was welcomed into the home of a wonderful family who treated me like one of their own. I will be forever grateful for their hospitality during those years. A strong friendship developed between that family and me. I consider that to be one of my greatest riches.

I graduated high school several years ago and now I live on my own. I often think of the sacrifices these individuals and others have done on my behalf and why.

Several months ago, I heard my father say to a rather large audience that his wife and children are the most important things for him. He then said: “I consider myself rich because they are part of my life.” That’s when I started to understand why people do things for others.

Not to long ago, I was thinking on what I want to accomplish in the course of my life. I thought of a career. I thought about the kind of family I want to have. Many things crossed my mind. I concluded that my greatest objective is to obtain increased levels of happiness throughout my life. After all, for me, to be happy is to be rich.

I then thought of and listed in my mind the things that made me happy so I could do them more often. I wondered if what I was doing was selfish but later determined that it is everyone’s right to engage themselves in the pursuit of happiness. I recognized that some of these things gave me more happiness than others.

One stuck out to me. Sharing. Letting something go to help someone else. At first glance it felt that if I shared something I was going to loose something. Yet, as I thought about it a little harder I realized that I was right, sharing did bring me happiness.

Another reason I consider sharing to be such a wonderful thing is that there is always something I can share. It seems that when I sincerely share something, I receive something better in return. Those things you receive in return are part of life’s greatest riches. The more I share, the more I understand why people have done things for me.

I believe that it is by sharing that you acquire some of life’s greatest riches such as: friendships, trust, and love.