The Importance of Choices

William - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Importance of Choice Making

Everyone makes a choice almost every second of their life. Choices control what we do and what we don’t do. Some of the choices we make are easier than others. Many times our choices affect more than just ourselves; they also affect others and our environment. Every choice bears either a positive, negative, or ineffective consequence. This is why to me choices are essential and necessary in everyone’s life.

The choices we make control everything we do and don’t do. In everything we do, weather we know it or not, we made a choice to do or not do it. Choosing to do one thing is also choosing not to do another. So with every one choice we make, we are actually making at least two. We choose to look right and not left. We choose to watch this game and not the other one. What we do and don’t do depends on the choice(s) we make.

There are often situations when the choices we make effect more than just ourselves. For example, I choose not to do my part in a group project. Not only will my grade be lower, but my group members’ grades will also suffer. Our personal choices can also effect the environment. When I drive down the road and I choose to throw a plastic soda can holder out the window, I could cause an animal to get tangled in it. When we think about making choices for ourselves, we need to ask how this choice will affect others and the environment around us.

Every choice we make bears a consequence. Although we want positive results to come from the choices we make; there are often instances when the results are negative or there is no change either way. If we choose to work then the positive result would be getting paid. On the other hand, we lose our free time which is a negative result. If I made the choice to try to bend metal, I probably couldn’t do it. With this choice nothing got better but nothing got worse either. Many times the results from our choices overlap. Where something positive happens but something negative occurs because of the positive. For example, the choice of marriage. Yes the positive would be I now have a wife. The negative would be me having to move away from my friend and family.

Computers are programmed and formatted so they can not make their own choices. We can. Everyone makes choices in life and no matter how bad or good a situation is, we have the choice to change it. If you take nothing else from this paper, know that it took people learning form the choices they made to get us to where we are in the world today. For example, scientist choosing to put a certain chemical in a potion. It might not have worked but he/she learned from that choice and got closer to getting it right.