Love V.S Logic

Shawn - Deltona, Florida
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe love is a basic need in human life. How far will someone go to satisfy this need? Could someone really go crazy for love? Logically speaking what is love? Nobody can really define it but can put it to there own words. My definition is unlike many. Most people define it as caring for someone more then yourself. Mine is giving an ultimate sacrifice knowing the great chances that you will lose it all.

The great sacrifice is what, wealth, time, or even ones sanity? Two of them are correct because they go together. It takes a lot of time to give ones sanity.

Is this very logical? No, it isn’t; love is known to be a good thing but, going crazy isn’t. In a young man or woman’s life you will hear them saying I “love” this person I met many times in life. A month later what happens, they “love” someone else.

I have loved one person in my life but said it to many. It’s because of this person that I’m writing this today. I have known this individual since the beginning of high school. We met and immediately took off but in a wrong direction. I treated her like garbage they day after I met her. I picked on her calling her all sorts of hurtful names with my so called friends. This individual still stood by me so very long, and I fell in “love”. We talked on the phone for days on end. All I could think of was her. She then “loved” me back at maybe she just started showing it. We were irrespirable. We helped each other through many problems. Then the first time she ever made me feel like garbage was the day that I asked her for support during the hardest time I was in a physical conflict with my dad. I went to her to get some support and got an earful on how she can’t help me and how she didn’t want to speak to me. I felt like I was going to die. A couple weeks later we were back to being a perfect match and again she broke my heart. A few months later it happened again. It sounds like I can’t take a hint. She had a small problem that consisted of trusting issues and getting her heart broken. Even though I knew this I still stood by her and the process continues. My friends call me crazy saying “getting your heart broken so many times and depression just isn’t worth it.”

Logically this isn’t a hard decision you would think I got tired of dealing with the heartbreak, but as my friends told me. I am crazy but I believe loosing ones sanity is the ultimate sacrifice into true love.