This I Believe

Steven - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Family members are not only my friends, but they share blood with me. I can sometimes count on friends to be there for me, but I can always count on family to be there for me. I uphold this belief by keeping in touch with my family because I will never know when I will need them. The core belief that guides my daily life would be the belief in guidance, support, and love from my family.

My family showed me guidance when they inspired me to go to college. They began to pave the way for me when I was younger. I used to get in trouble for any grade less than a “B”. Ever since kindergarden I received praise from my family when I got A’s and B’s. They would take me out to eat, give me money, or say the famous phrase “that’s what I’m talking about”. Money was my favorite of course! I would get up to $50 and go spend it on video games. Their praise motivated me to better my work ethic throughout life. Ever since middle school it has become natural for me to WANT to do better in school. Before, it was for the money and the praise…now it is still for the praise, but most of all it is for me.

I truly believe that the core belief that should guide everyone’s life should be the guidance, support, and love from their family. I do not believe I would be here if it was not for the guidance and love my family has shown me since I was younger. The support they have shown me over the years has impacted my life in numerous ways. From their support and guidance I am a well mannered young man. Their guidance has helped with the way I treat others. The guidance from my male elders has helped with the way that I treat my female friends, while the guidance from my female elders has helped with my overall personality.