Do what makes you happy

jack - 27534, North Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

A few summers ago I was up at a wilderness camp up in the mountains. There, after a day or so the whole camp was together in a big assembly, well at this assembly the guy that ran the camp was encouraging the new kids there, like me, to go and do whatever interests you. There was a good bit of stuff to do there, like rock climbing, canoeing /kayaking, and hiking, and the guy had told us to do whatever we want, he was like this is not like normal camps where you are told what to do and where to do it, here he said is a place where you can do whatever you want and what ever makes you happy. Well ever since then I have been trying to do that.

Well that was about four summers ago, and ever since then I have been doing whatever interests me within reason. I have to say that my friends and I are not your stereotypical teenagers, we don’t really do what a teen portrayed in a movie or a show would do. We do whatever interests us, not whatever other people tell us to.

My friends and I just hang out, and we play a lot of sports, some we have made up but there still fun. We just do stuff just because it is fun and that is the way I plan to keep living my life. I say that I plan because being 16 I can’t say that I have done that much, but I plan to. I really want to be and outdoors person. Hiking, climbing, and kayaking are some of the things that I would really want do as a hobby, so I plan on doing those things when I am on my own. Now don’t get me wrong I have had to do some things that I didn’t want to, like now school, and probably later a job. If I can live my life the way that I want to going to work shouldn’t be that bad.

I believe that if I can do this in my life I would have lived a good life. The way I plan on telling what type of life is that when I am old and decrepit, if I can look back on lots of good memories, than I’m good.