Winning the Crown

Adea - Goldsboro, North Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Winning the Crown

Around this time last year, I was crowned Miss Kinston Outstanding Teen. It was a great accomplishment in my life. People often question themselves about what a good life consists of, and I believe all the answers lie in the five steps a person complete during a pageant. As long as a person keeps his or her best face forward, that is all it takes to win the crown.

Step 1: “The Interview” The purpose of this step in a pageant is to make the judges familiar with the contestants’ characters, and to find out a little more about them as the judges critique and judge them. More nervous than I have ever been in my life, I stepped into a room of judges as they all looked at me with their peculiar stares. In life there always comes a time when people try to question who a person is. Also, different people look at a person’s accomplishments from different point of views, but as long as the individual knows what and who she is, that is all that matters in the end.

Step 2: “Active Wear” During this segment in my pageant, the contestants came on stage in an outfit that showed what physical activities they used to stay fit. In life, a person must have the endurance to always keep going. Although times may get hard in life, one should never give up or let people see him or her fall. Everyone should just brush it off , showing the judges how strong he or she really is.

Step 3: “Talent” This was my time to shine in the pageant. We were able to perform what we enjoyed most, and my talent was tap dancing. Everybody has something to offer the world that he or she enjoys doing. Sometimes a person may have to look hard for what it might be, but it is there.

Step 4: “Evening Gown” As we stepped onto the stage to present ourselves in our finest attire, the judges were in awe of our appearances. An individual should always let other people see him or her at his or her best. When a person goes around all the time with a negative attitude and appearance, it not only affects the person but his or her actions also. And in order to win the crown, one must still must place his or her best face forward.

Step 5: “Judging” As we waited on stage before an enormous crowd to be told the winner, I realized the true winners are those who take these steps to heart. Also, it is they who will win the crown of success and achieve what I believe is a good life. In order to succeed, a person must take things one step at a time, and as each is accomplished, the individual just moves along to the next.