Imperfectly Perfect

rebecca - goldsboro, North Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Imperfectly Perfect

I’ve always strove for perfection, but I’ve learned perfection is an unobtainable goal. There will always be an obstacle to overcome and as long as you have done your best, you have succeeded.

I’ve often mistaken being successful with perfection. I felt that in order to be successful you must do everything right and make no mistakes, which is my definition of perfection. My experiences have proven me wrong, however, you cannot go through life without making mistakes, it’s how you learn.

When I was learning how to tie my shoes, I could never get it, so I would become frustrated and feel like a failure. Tying shoes is an easy task for me now, but when I was young I would hate to try because I couldn’t get it right. I would try once and if I didn’t get it I would just give up and I do that sometimes still today. My obstacle was trying to do it right the first time, but some things you can’t get right on the first try.

I think my dad was the one who showed me how to tie my shoes and he would also encourage me to keep trying. “Never give up,” he would always say, especially when I let my siblings get to me. They would always pick on me because I tied my shoes differently and that was also another reason why I would give up. I would double loop the strings before making the knot and apparently that was the incorrect way. They would always pick on me and say I was doing it wrong, but I couldn’t do it any other way. After awhile I finally gave up trying to do it the way they thought was right and did it the only way I was able to. I set aside perfection and settled for my best.

I learned to take my time and learn from my mistakes. By doing this, I was able to tie my own shoes. All it took was putting aside getting it perfect and just trying to do it the best I could.