What Two Dollars Can Buy

Lauren - Van Vleck, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

There are two sides to every coin, two or more sides to every story. America is no exception, which makes it great.

The other night at a football game I went to the concession stand. I stood and pondered the menu and tried to add up how much I would spend. Being a visitor at the stadium, it took me a minute because all the prices were different. When I had decided, I placed my order, paid the man behind the counter, and began to walk away. I was already eating when the man said “Ma’am, you forgot your change!” I turned and saw he was talking to me. I walked back to the concession stand. The man smiled and said “You forgot your change.” He handed me two dollars. I put it in my pocket and said thank you. Two dollars. That was two dollars that would have been easy to get into his pocket and would have gone unnoticed by me.

But he was an American. A true American. He could have easily taken that money, but he knew it would have been wrong. I would not have been with the pride of an American. I will admit that I was surprised that he gave me my money back. I thought of how many people wouldn’t have. Especially when it’s a 16 year old girl from the opposing team. But he had pride in himself, his town, and his country.

After the game, I went back over to where he was standing with the two dollars in my hand. I told him it wasn’t much but he should get it as a tip because he had been working hard during the whole three our game. He smiled politely, but of course, he wouldn’t take it.