Power of Perserverance

Kyrsten - USA
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage, hope, work

Power of Perserverance

No one should give up. There may be times when we may get tired of trying to achieve something, but the feeling of victory is greater once you’ve gotten something you’ve worked for. Something may be so overwhelming that we may think that we can’t handle it, but we must never give up.

I had a friend who was outstanding in the classroom, but playing sports wasn’t going too well for her. She had been playing sports for as long as she could remember, and she was a fairly good athlete, but she could never make one of the elite teams. She went through that year after devastating year, but refused to give up.

One, year during team tryouts, she made herself a promise. This promise was to refuse to give up and accept nothing but the best from her body and mind every minute. As a result, when the teams were posted at the end of tryouts her name was at the top of the list for the most elite team. She could barely hold in her excitement. She was extremely happy with the output of her effort, but her excitement was focused mainly on how hard she worked before achieving her ultimate goal.

She led me to believe that you can achieve anything as long as you never give up. She led me to believe that the victory is sweeter when you’ve worked for something instead of it being given to you. She led me to believe in the power of perseverance.