Beauty is all around us, we just have to look

Nicholas - Van Vleck, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Beauty is all around us

I believe in life.

I believe that through God all things were wonderfully and beautifully made, and that everything that exists on this earth is here for reason, some purpose.

It is hard for most people to fully grasp the concept of life, in truth no one will ever fully understand the magnitude of it. Despite what this world has made it,the human body is a very pure and beautiful creation constructed with an extremely complex and elaborate design. Thousands of chromosomes that are mysteriously coded to make you who you are, are compacted into tiny cells. Trillions of these cells work together in unison to perform tasks that we often take for granted. Pain, adrenaline, emotions, the ability to think, all of these things are intricately imbedded in our chromosomes by a series of codes made only of four different nucleotides. Yet among all of this complexity, there is indeed simplicity. A marvelous wonder the body is, or as I like to call it, divine design.

I think it is human instinct to wonder what our purpose is in life, to wonder what the reason we are here. I believe that each one of us was lovingly made to do three simple tasks, to give glory to our almighty God, to live humbly, and to ultimately love one another. Even though darkness and death lurks all around this world, wherever there is darkness there is light and wherever there is death there is always life.

Many people take life for granted, many people do not see the beauty and wonder, the simplicity in life. All of us are guilty of this at some point in our lives, but if you just can’t seem to understand, just remember that u are a divine creation and living proof of love.

“…For if you take your life for granted…you are already dead.”

-Nick Walling