Melissa - Van Vleck, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


God… a three letter word that means nothing to me.

I believe “God” is just something else people come up with to blame for the way they live. In my opinion, when people make mistakes this “God” doesn’t allow you to mend them. That is your choice whether or not to make a lesson out of it and become a better person.

From what I’ve heard all people are EQUAL, so who says this “God” is better than us? Is above us?

Actually if you look back and analyze the past, what has he done for us except bring upon wars and more tragic deaths? Has he ever brought us peace? In my opinion, that would be a negative.

Did he spare the lives taken by cancer, but lived to tell the tale? Or was that luck? Maybe karma? Or just simply someone’s will to live and pull through it.

There are so many questions that will remain unanswered until you experience it.

Another alternative to conclude: If he does exist, what about the Muslims, (followers of Muhammad), will they be forgiven for hating Christians and disciples of this “God”? Does he care about the ones who deny HIM?

My decadence in the belief of “God” has hit bottom completely because no one has the ability to answer my questions and, not only that, I believe the whole is a lie itself.

How can someone deify a man that has not been proven to ever exist? Now, scientists and researchers have come close to Jesus’ existence, but they haven’t found cold hard proof. What does that say? Well, it gives me the idea that the Bible is a folklore and what is trying to be found is just an endless path of nothing. Therefore, there shall be no heaven nor hell and no one dies but only carries on into another path.

“If this “God” exists he will forgive me for my doubts because he made me and allowed me to live. And love shall overcome any doubts and questions.” I refuse to make this comment because I still have, not doubt, but a belief that there shall be more out in this world than someone to blame and force your actions and misinterpretations on. Why should I make time for something that only slows me down in the long run? My biggest question is why involve yourself in something that causes more trouble than anything else? You are only asking to fit in, but instead of making a choice for everyone around you, stand up and tell who you really are, why you are you, and what makes you believe your beliefs make you you.

Therefore, my belief and conclusion leaves me more room for art, music, reading and, the best of all, fulfilling my life for who I am and what I want.