Love is Powerful

Dana - Bay City, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is powerful; it can make you do stupid things, crazy things, or logical things. Some people believe love is a feeling. Some people believe love is a choice, and some people believe love is an emotion. I believe its all three.

I believe love is a feeling because you can actually feel the way it changes you and the way it makes you feel happy and full of life all the time. The feeling “Love” is magical with its butterflies, stomach tosses, and sweaty palms. The way they laugh, smile, and the way they look at you gives you butterflies. When they bump up against you, call you, text you, or talk to you in general, your stomach tosses. When they reach over to hold your hand, kiss you or hug you, sweaty palms arrive and all you want to do is be with this person. Love is the greatest felling in the world.

I believe love is a choice because you can choose to love and choose who you love. Choosing to love and choosing who you love can sometimes cause conflict between people. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what people think or what they say. They can’t choose who you love; only you can. If you truly love a person then it shouldn’t matter what anyone tells you or thinks about it. You’re choosing to give your heart to this person and to me; it’s a very powerful statement and commitment. Giving your heart is the most wonderful thing you can do. It shows how committed you are and with true love, you really wont ever get over that person.

By choosing who you love your being independent because no one can choose who you fall for. Love is the greatest and most important choice you’ll ever make.

I believe love is an emotion because you can see it in the persons face, eyes, the way they smile, and the way they act.

Your eyes are brighter than any star in the sky and softer than then any feather. Your face is softer, you are happier and your smile is bigger. You have a glow about you.

You aren’t as cranky and if you are, chances are, it’s because you haven’t seen them in a while. Any time you have a bad day, moment, or just a bad headache, seeing that person always makes it better. Knowing that they are happy and here for you ever moment of every day no matter what, makes you happy every time. Love is the greatest emotion you will ever have.

Love is powerful…