Purpose Far From Home

Mandi - Bay City, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

My faith in Jesus Christ gives me purpose in my life. With the direction that he provides me, I strive to be a better person, everyday. My life revolves around the fact that I want to please him. He is the reason I wake up early every Sunday morning. He is the reason I choose to do the right thing when the other choice seems so much easier. I abide by the rules when it’s not easy to, I listen to my parents, and I have certain morals all because I know he will take care of me. I know this because when I was younger my family and I lived over seas. My parents had four children and leaving the securities of home was not easy. When we left the U.S. we also left babysitters, family, and our vehicles behind. At first we seemed out of place, but we soon felt at home. Immediately my parents were looking for a church. They found the church that our family felt most comfortable at and realized not all was lost. Our Christian family stretched out across the Pacific Ocean. Our purpose was much greater than just my dad’s job. Our purpose was to reach out to those around us. My neighborhood was a melting pot of different people. For example, to the right of us were people from London and they were Catholic, the neighbors to the left were Indian and had 9 gods, and a couple houses down were some Chinese people who were Buddhist. My family held backyard bible clubs and celebrated things like Easter, which some of them had never celebrated before. My purpose then and now is to live for Christ. He is my counselor. I believe there is purpose in my life through Jesus Christ.