Life Is What You Make It

Erika - USA
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is what you make it. In life if you make a bad choice and it leads to you having a bad life then I think you made your life like that. You made the choice to do drugs or drink or even murder someone so it’s your fault and you have to deal with it. The same thing goes for I believe that everybody’s lives are exactly how they want them to be because of the choices they make. I remember when I made the choice to sneak out of my house one night and go hang out with my friends at the beach. Needless to say I was caught by my parents and I’m still earning back their trust. I also have a friend that became addicted to drugs and he lost a lot of good things in his life including his fiancé and a lot of money. Now he joined the Navy and he’s cleaning up and he’s not drinking or doing drugs anymore. His decision to join the Navy made his life way better and healthier.

I also believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus died pm the cross for our sins and that he will actually come back one day. He watches over us and protects us every day. He is my Savior and I will always serve him.

I also believe that music can change your life. If you listen to a religious song and you decide that you want to go to church for the first time and accept Jesus Christ into your heart then that song changed who you were. Also, if you hear a song with bad things in it like drugs and violence or even terrorism then that song might change you. It might make you do something disastrous like kill someone or even become addicted to drugs. I read a story about a 12 year old from New York who listened to songs about violence and murdering people and thought it would be fun to do those things. One day he got a gun out of his dad’s closet and put it in his pocket. He took it to school and shot 4 people and now he’s in juvenile hall until he’s 18 years old and he goes to jail for 40 + years. Those songs influenced that boy to do those things to those people.

I’ll admit making good choices in life is sometimes harder than some people might think, but with God on your side then anything is possible. Also, with people that care about you and faith on your side then those good choices are easier to make.