Lexus - Cedar Lane, Texas
Entered on September 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What is failure? That’s a question rarely asked, but yet a word that’s so wrongly defined. According to our society, scoring below a seventy on a test, being defeated, missing a fly-ball, those are all considered as failures. That’s what the world leads us to believe. If someone were to ask me what my outlook on failure was, I’d have a totally different opinion. “All you’re ever going to do is fall”, “you’re going to fail that test”, “you’re a waste of talent”, those are the words that mislead us. To me, “failure isn’t falling down, it’s staying where you fell and not getting up”. This I truly believe. Last year, the Lady Leps volleyball team didn’t win a single game. What does that tell you? What picture comes to mind? Do you think of a team without any skill, heart, determination, or leadership? Most people would probably say that there wasn’t a connection, or a lack of coordination. Despite the losses, and the criticism, they never once gave up, or showed any weakness. I feel privileged to say that I’ve never seen a better group of girls than the two-thousand eight Lady Leps. When I watch them play, I see more than eleven girls dressed in orange, black, and white. I see a family, I see respect, I see dignity, I see loyalty, and I see honor. It’s been a long time coming for them. I guess you could say that they fell, but guess what, they stood back up. That’s the thing that makes me appreciate them so much. Those girls could’ve marched off the floor, they could’ve every time the buzzer rang to determine the game, but they made a choice. They made the greatest choice of all, the choice to never accept defeat. I’m not sure what has come over them this year, but they’re so much different than before. Maybe it’s the coach, or maybe it’s their eagerness to reach the top. If I don’t know anything else, I know for a fact they’re something special. I know that each and everyone of them are capable of playing the game, and I hope they never let anyone convince them otherwise. I sense fight in those girls, and the strength to never let failure overpower their minds. I always hear people say, “your attitude will always determine your success”. That statement is true to me, and I hope that it is in their eyes also. Yes, the Lady Leps stumbled, tripped, and fell, but they didn’t give up. No one travels through life on easy street, and neither do they. They will always have hardships, but I know that you will never see them accept failure as their outcome. I’m making a vow to store last year to the side, and focus on the amazing group of girls that are now before me. The Lady Leps fell, stood back up, and still today, they remain standing. They will never give in, they will never quit, nor will they ever fail.