You Can Never Have Too Many Best Friends

Kelsey - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Kelly, Ericka, Olivia, Allie, Sarah, Jenna, Meghan, Danielle, Tessa, Taylor, Phoebe. You may be wondering why I’m listing off names that have no meaning to you whatsoever. But these names have meaning to me. These are the names of my 11 best friends. Now you’re probably thinking, how can someone have 11 best friends? It’s possible to have one, maybe two best friends, but surely not 11. Going to college 8 hours away from home and even further from my friends has not been easy for me. However, losing touch is not an issue or even an option, due to daily phone calls, texts and even a facebook thread with all 11 included. I believe in the more the merrier. I believe you can never have too many best friends.

Friendship is the ability to laugh at one another when a mistake is made, with no hard feelings. It’s about forgiveness. An example of this is the Homecoming Dance my sophomore year of high school. Among the hustle and bustle of getting ready while simultaneously inhaling Chinese food, we were literally running out the door to make it on time. Piling into the SUV, you could feel the excitement in the air. Amidst loud chatter and music, I turned to Phoebe for my ticket. Looking around, we realized we had not only left Phoebe at the house, but Ericka too! Although they were angry at first that we had left without them, two minutes later we were laughing hysterically and all was forgiven.

Friendship is having a shoulder to lean on and someone to depend on, anytime and anywhere. A couple years ago Allie’s grandpa passed away unexpectedly. She was close to him and it was a hard time not only for her but her family as well. None of us could make him come back, but having someone just to talk to for support made it that much easier for Allie to get through it.

Sure, there are downsides to having 11 best friends. When we all have stories to share or something to say, it’s hard to get a word in likewise. And traveling with 11 girls can be a big pain. But the good outweighs the bad. There’s always someone to talk to, hangout with, go out with, and just lay around with. The combination of everyone’s personalities mesh perfectly together. Whether it is a sliver of Kelly the comedian, Ericka the sarcastic, or Sarah the bookworm, I see traits of my friends in myself everyday.

Even though I’m 466 miles away, I can honestly say that we’ve never been closer. It sounds corny, but through thick and thin we’ve been there for each other. 11 is not to many, it’s just right. And that is why I believe that you can never have too many best friends.