Do You Hope or Pray?

Mr - Canton, Michigan
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Do you hope or pray? I was recently asked this question and I responded with the following. This I believe. I don’t hope and I don’t pray, I live my life to the fullest. It’s a gift, it’s mine and I love every thing about it. I believe in nature, family and friends, there is no “invisible man” in my life. I make my own choices, although they are sometimes made in consultation with my wife. Those choices along with nature, timing and the choices of others will ultimately decide my fate. I’ve been asked “Aren’t you afraid that by not believing you will spend an eternity in Hell?” No I’m not.

I have many questions, but few answers. I am constantly amazed when I gaze up at the Billions and Billions of stars in the sky, fascinated by the honey bee and the integral part it plays in our ecosystem. Engrossed while watching a spider as it captures it’s prey, dines on it and wraps it into a neat package.

Then there are the birds, without whom we would experience a deafening silence. The question here would be, well if there is no “invisible man”, how did all these things come to exist?

I have no answer, but to me each of these creatures is just as important and deserving of life as the next. In my home we have a live and let live policy, if we find a critter in the house we take it outside. I do not believe that we are any higher on the ladder of life than any other living creature. We only think we are.

I believe that we are a blip on the radar screen of infinity, nothing more, nothing less. That doesn’t scare me, it doesn’t even matter to me, what’s important to me isn’t what happens after I’m gone, I live in the here and now!

What a waste it is to spend ones life so that one might have a nice death. Once your dead, your dead, get over it. Look around you, look up, look down, life is everywhere, don’t miss it.